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We are very excited to announce the immediate availability of the
latest low cost Software Radio product from Ettus Research, the
USRP(tm) B100.  The B100 has the following features:

- USB 2.0 interface
- Xilinx Spartan 3A-1400 FPGA
- Compatibility with our entire daughterboard family
- Fully supported by UHD drivers
- Dual 64 MS/s 12-bit ADCs
- Dual 128 MS/s 14-bit DACs
- Onboard TCXO for precise frequency control
- 10 MHz and 1 PPS inputs for external references
- Flexible clocking from 10 MHz to 64 MHz
- 8 MHz of RF bandwidth with 16 bit samples
- 16 MHz of RF bandwidth with 8 bit samples

The price is $650 each, and the B100 is in stock and ready to ship.


The USRP E110 has a larger FPGA (Spartan 3A-DSP 3400) than
the E100, but is otherwise the same.  This is perfect for those who
wish to offload DSP operations from the main ARM processor.

Both the E100 and E110 are now fully compatible with the GPSDO.

The price of the USRP E110 is $1500 and the E100 is $1300.
Both the E100 and E110 are in stock and ready to ship.


As always, you can purchase all of our products through:

and you can contact if you have any further

Matt Ettus
President, Ettus Research LLC

The USB IDs of Nottingham Scientific’s GNSS SDR Frontends are the following:

  • fffe:0100 Selecta
  • fffe:0020 Primo II

Ettus Research is proud to announce that the SBX transceiver
daughterboard is now available for purchase.  The SBX has the following
performance characteristics:

 - 400 MHz to 4.4 GHz frequency coverage
 - +16 to +20 dBm TX output power, with 32dB of power control range
 - 0 dBm IIP3 on Receive
 - 5-7 dB NF below 3 GHz, 7-10 dB NF between 3 and 4 GHz, 10-13 dB NF
between 4 and 4.4 GHz.
 - Full duplex capable
 - Fully supported by the UHD driver system
 - Works with the entire USRP family (*)

(*) USRP1 systems with serial number lower than 500 will need a
modification to work with the SBX.  All other USRP1, USRP2, N200, N210,
E100, and E110 systems will work without modification, as long as you
are using the UHD drivers.

You can see a picture of the SBX here:

The SBX costs $475 and can be purchased from our Orders web page:


Matt Ettus
President, Ettus Research LLC

The USRP N200 is now available for purchase from Ettus Research.  The
differences between the USRP N200 and N210 are as follows:

Cost: $1500
Spartan 3A-DSP 1800
    84 Multipliers
    84 Block RAMs
Works with the free version of Xilinx ISE tools (WebPack)

Cost: $1700
Spartan 3A-DSP 3400
    126 Multipliers
    126 Block RAMs
Works only with the pay version of Xilinx ISE tools

From an application point of view, both the N200 and N210 have the
same behavior and will work with the UHD.  No software changes are
necessary to switch between them (or the USRP2 when used with UHD).

If you never intend to modify the FPGA from the standard build or
you are certain you won't need more FPGA resources than the N200
has, you can save $200 by getting the N200 instead of the N210.  For
those doing more elaborate designs in the FPGA, we recommend the N210.

The N200 and N210 are intended to replace the USRP2, which is
currently on Last Time Buy status.


Matt Ettus

We are pleased to announce three new products for use with the
USRP family of Software Defined Radios.

1)   GPSDO Kit
2)   TVRX2 Daughterboard
3)   SBX Daughterboard


1)   GPSDO Kit

The GPSDO is a GPS-disciplined oscillator, which uses a GPS receiver
to steer the frequency of the master oscillator with very high
accuracy.  This can be used to synchronize devices over large
distances without direct connections between them.

This frequency becomes the primary reference of your
USRP N200 or USRP N210.  It also provides a 1 pulse-per-second
(1PPS) signal which is used to steer your USRP to within 50 ns of
UTC time.  The GPS serial output is connected as well, so the exact
time can be used by your application.

The full functionality of the GPSDO is handled by the UHD, so
applications can take advantage of these new capabilities immediately.

The master oscillator, an OCXO, is accurate to 25 ppb when there
is no GPS signal, so this can be used as a precise reference even
if a GPS antenna is not available.

The GPSDO kit includes all the necessary cabling to connect it to
your USRP N200 or N210.  It does not include a GPS antenna, but
should work with any commonly available active GPS antenna.  The
price is $750, and it is shipping now.


2)   TVRX2 Daughterboard

The TVRX2 daughterboard replaces the original TVRX.  It is a dual
receiver covering 50 MHz to 860 MHz.  There are 2 entirely separate
receivers which can be used simultaneously, either on the same or
different frequencies, each with a bandwidth  of up to 9 MHz (thus
allowing use with DVB-T).  The TVRX2 is also MIMO capable, since
its clock is synchronized with the master system clock.  It is
fully supported by the UHD, but not the older drivers, and will
work with all of our motherboards.

To summarize, the differences between the TVRX2 and original TVRX:

- TVRX2 has dual receivers
- TVRX2 is MIMO capable
- TVRX2 covers a wider bandwidth (9 MHz vs 6 MHz)
- TVRX2 is smaller and has plain SMA connectors

The TVRX2 costs $200 and will ship at the beginning of April.


3)   SBX Daughterboard

The SBX daughterboard is a wideband transceiver similar to the WBX.
It covers the 400 MHz to 4.4 GHz frequency range.  It has 32dB of
transmit power control and output power of 50 to 100 mW (17-20dBm).
It is capable of full duplex operation and is fully supported by the
UHD, so it will work with all of our motherboards, from the original
USRP1 to the latest USRP N210 and E100.

The SBX costs $475 and will ship in April.


Thanks for your time,
Matt Ettus
President, Ettus Research LLC


QUISK is an SDR software tool for HamRadio. Written in Python and C and released under GPLv2.

Ettus Research Product Announcement 
November 22nd, 2010 
1>    USRP E100 Now on Sale 
2>    USRP N210 Shipping Early 
3>    SDR'10 Conference and GNU Radio Meeting 
1>    USRP E100 Now on Sale 
We are pleased to introduce another new addition to the USRP family of 
products.  The USRP E100 software radio is an embedded stand-alone system 
powered by the combination of a Gumstix Overo board with 720 MHz OMAP3 
(containing both an ARM Cortex A8 processor & TI C64x+ DSP) and a 
Xilinx Spartan 3A-DSP1800 FPGA. 
The USRP E100 series runs a full distribution of Linux enabling both 
development and deployment without the need for a host computer. 
The analog baseband is has dual 64 MS/s 12-bit ADCs, and dual 128 MS/s 
14-bit DACs. 
Other exciting new features: 
- Works with all of our daughterboards 
- Flexible clocking -- The user can choose (at run time) a convenient 
clock rate, which is typically a multiple of the symbol time.  For 
example, the user can set the clock to 52 MHz for GSM applications, 
61.44 MHz for UMTS, or 64 MHz for general purpose applications. 
- An on-board TCXO keeps the master clock and RF signals within a 
couple of parts per million. 
- The master reference can be locked to an external 5 or 10 MHz reference 
- The large Spartan 3A DSP FPGA allows for accelerating significant 
parts of the signal flow 
- The UHD drivers work on the USRP E100, so existing UHD-enabled 
applications should work out-of-the-box. 
- USRP 2.0 Host and On-The-Go ports, for keyboard and mouse, or extra  storage 
- Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) networking 
- HDMI Video output for hooking up a monitor 
- Audio in and out for voice applications 
The introductory price for the USRP E100 is $1300, and shipments will 
start in mid December. 
2>    USRP N210 Shipping Early 
The recently announced USRP N210 will be shipping in early December, 
about 2 weeks earlier than expected. 
3>    SDR'10 Conference and GNU Radio Meeting 
The SDR'10 Conference will be held from November 30th through December 
3rd.  Like last year, Ettus Research will be sponsoring a GNU Radio 
Meeting, which will now be a formal part of the program on Wed December 
1st.  You do not need to attend the rest of the conference to attend 
this meeting. 
Ettus Research will also have a booth in the Expo area of the 
conference, and we will be demonstrating both the USRP E100 and N210. 
Thanks for your time, 
Matt Ettus 
President, Ettus Research LLC

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