New Product Announcements from Ettus Research


We are very excited to announce the immediate availability of the
latest low cost Software Radio product from Ettus Research, the
USRP(tm) B100.  The B100 has the following features:

- USB 2.0 interface
- Xilinx Spartan 3A-1400 FPGA
- Compatibility with our entire daughterboard family
- Fully supported by UHD drivers
- Dual 64 MS/s 12-bit ADCs
- Dual 128 MS/s 14-bit DACs
- Onboard TCXO for precise frequency control
- 10 MHz and 1 PPS inputs for external references
- Flexible clocking from 10 MHz to 64 MHz
- 8 MHz of RF bandwidth with 16 bit samples
- 16 MHz of RF bandwidth with 8 bit samples

The price is $650 each, and the B100 is in stock and ready to ship.


The USRP E110 has a larger FPGA (Spartan 3A-DSP 3400) than
the E100, but is otherwise the same.  This is perfect for those who
wish to offload DSP operations from the main ARM processor.

Both the E100 and E110 are now fully compatible with the GPSDO.

The price of the USRP E110 is $1500 and the E100 is $1300.
Both the E100 and E110 are in stock and ready to ship.


As always, you can purchase all of our products through:


and you can contact sales@ettus.com if you have any further

Matt Ettus
President, Ettus Research LLC