The USRP N200 is now available for purchase from Ettus Research.  The
differences between the USRP N200 and N210 are as follows:

Cost: $1500
Spartan 3A-DSP 1800
    84 Multipliers
    84 Block RAMs
Works with the free version of Xilinx ISE tools (WebPack)

Cost: $1700
Spartan 3A-DSP 3400
    126 Multipliers
    126 Block RAMs
Works only with the pay version of Xilinx ISE tools

From an application point of view, both the N200 and N210 have the
same behavior and will work with the UHD.  No software changes are
necessary to switch between them (or the USRP2 when used with UHD).

If you never intend to modify the FPGA from the standard build or
you are certain you won't need more FPGA resources than the N200
has, you can save $200 by getting the N200 instead of the N210.  For
those doing more elaborate designs in the FPGA, we recommend the N210.

The N200 and N210 are intended to replace the USRP2, which is
currently on Last Time Buy status.


Matt Ettus