We are pleased to announce three new products for use with the
USRP family of Software Defined Radios.

1)   GPSDO Kit
2)   TVRX2 Daughterboard
3)   SBX Daughterboard


1)   GPSDO Kit

The GPSDO is a GPS-disciplined oscillator, which uses a GPS receiver
to steer the frequency of the master oscillator with very high
accuracy.  This can be used to synchronize devices over large
distances without direct connections between them.

This frequency becomes the primary reference of your
USRP N200 or USRP N210.  It also provides a 1 pulse-per-second
(1PPS) signal which is used to steer your USRP to within 50 ns of
UTC time.  The GPS serial output is connected as well, so the exact
time can be used by your application.

The full functionality of the GPSDO is handled by the UHD, so
applications can take advantage of these new capabilities immediately.

The master oscillator, an OCXO, is accurate to 25 ppb when there
is no GPS signal, so this can be used as a precise reference even
if a GPS antenna is not available.

The GPSDO kit includes all the necessary cabling to connect it to
your USRP N200 or N210.  It does not include a GPS antenna, but
should work with any commonly available active GPS antenna.  The
price is $750, and it is shipping now.


2)   TVRX2 Daughterboard

The TVRX2 daughterboard replaces the original TVRX.  It is a dual
receiver covering 50 MHz to 860 MHz.  There are 2 entirely separate
receivers which can be used simultaneously, either on the same or
different frequencies, each with a bandwidth  of up to 9 MHz (thus
allowing use with DVB-T).  The TVRX2 is also MIMO capable, since
its clock is synchronized with the master system clock.  It is
fully supported by the UHD, but not the older drivers, and will
work with all of our motherboards.

To summarize, the differences between the TVRX2 and original TVRX:

- TVRX2 has dual receivers
- TVRX2 is MIMO capable
- TVRX2 covers a wider bandwidth (9 MHz vs 6 MHz)
- TVRX2 is smaller and has plain SMA connectors

The TVRX2 costs $200 and will ship at the beginning of April.


3)   SBX Daughterboard

The SBX daughterboard is a wideband transceiver similar to the WBX.
It covers the 400 MHz to 4.4 GHz frequency range.  It has 32dB of
transmit power control and output power of 50 to 100 mW (17-20dBm).
It is capable of full duplex operation and is fully supported by the
UHD, so it will work with all of our motherboards, from the original
USRP1 to the latest USRP N210 and E100.

The SBX costs $475 and will ship in April.


Thanks for your time,
Matt Ettus
President, Ettus Research LLC