Hi all,

I told that to many of you personally, but now I want to make an official announcement. We’re set to develop radio hardware to be used with OpenBTS and specifically crafted for deployments in rural and developing regions. We don’t expect it to be $100 cheap, but the total cost of a solution will be much lower then what exists today. Besides being inexpensive, we develop it to be compact, suitable for outdoor installations and geared to create energy-efficient systems, able to run from solar or wind power. This hardware will also be equipped with appropriate software and firmware pieces designed to improve hardware operation in terms of cell coverage radius, power consumption, etc.  I want to clarify, that creating a ready-to-use base station equipment is not our goal at this moment as we want to concentrate on developing the radio side hardware and software. We see this as the only part missing off-the-shelf right now, what prevents real-world cheap base stations to be created.

There’s not much more I want to tell about the project right now, to avoid begging pardon for changed plans later. But if you’re interested in our project in any way, please drop me a letter privately – we’re more then willing to discuss it with all interested parties to make sure we’re doing the right thing and satisfy all real needs. And for sure, we will notify this mailing list about major milestones of our project.

Our web-site is pretty much empty at this moment, but we will fill it with more information as the project moves forward.

Alexander Chemeris.