The correspondence of channels to frequencies is country-dependent. Here’s what it’s like in Italy:

  • for VHF channels 5-12: f = 177.5MHz + 7MHz * (ch – 5)
  • channels 5, 10, 11 and 12 are also called channels D, H, H1 and H2, respectively
  • there’s also channels E (186MHz), F (194.5MHz) and G (203.5MHz)
  • for UHF channels 21-69: f = 474MHz + 8MHz * (ch – 21)

The switch-over from analogue to digital happened 2 days ago (18.05), but I still receive two-thirds of the analogue channels…

In the meantime, I’m receiving DVB-T bouquets (MUXes) at channels 27, 28, 42 and 48 (i.e. 522MHz, 530MHz, 642MHz and 690MHz respectively).

Instead, on the PC using the USB DVB-T receiver Pinnacle PCTV nanostick 73e and me-tv or vlc:

  • me-tv requires either a pre-saved channel/service list or a list of channels for your region/province. You can get the second by installing dvb-apps, which puts these files under /usr/share/vb/dvb-t
  • you can have vlc scan all tv frequencies (not country-dependent) by running vlc dvb://