23-25.06.2010 WInnForum’s European Reconfigurable Radio Workshop in Mainz, Germany (seems like they’re following the ETSI naming conventions for Europe). It’s actually just 2 days, as it starts at 12:00 Wednesday and ends 12:45 Friday.

Here’s the program.

  1. My friend Jens is holding an 1h30 session on “Open Source SDR and GNU Radio”. Good luck, Jens!
  2. I’d be interested to hear more details about the CERDEC experiment with GNU Radio (Thomas Rittenbach).

The rest are the usual suspects:

  • Venkatesh Ramakrishnan (Aachen)
  • Klaus Moessner (Surrey)
  • Olanders (ETSI RRS)
  • Tero Solante (EDA)
  • Manuel Uhm (Xilinx)
  • Ruediger Leschhorn (Rohde and Schwarz)
  • Eric Nicollet (Thales)
  • Panagiotis Demestichas (Pireaus)
  • Rafael Aguado (Indra)

And some people I don’t know:

  • Simon Delaere (VUB)
  • Thierry Dubois + Liesbet Vanderperre (Imec)
  • Dominique Noguet (CEA)
  • James Neel (CRTWireless)
  • Ulrich Ramacher (Infineon)
  • Gerd Ascheid (Aachen)
  • Drake Liu (Linköping)