Here’s the news release from Matt Ettus:

Ettus Research LLC was founded in 2004 to produce high quality, low cost software radio systems, and bring these capabilities to everyone.  In the last five and a half years this company, which started in a garage, has shipped thousands of products to users in over 67 countries.  Those products have been used for everything from mapping the earth, moon and stars to tracking wildlife, from teaching signal processing to obtaining a PhD., by everyone from individual hobbyists to huge research teams, for communicating across a desk, under water, under ground, across town, and around the world.

Today, as the next step in the growth of our company, we are very proud to announce that Ettus Research has been acquired by National Instruments Corporation (NI,  NI was founded in 1976 to transform the way engineers and scientists around the world design, prototype, and deploy systems for test, control, and embedded design applications.

Below you will find answers to some questions you may have about this change.

What does this mean for Ettus Research LLC and its products?

For the most part, things will stay the same.  We will continue to operate separately from, but as a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Instruments.  Our web address, email, phone, and postal addresses will all stay the same.  All sales will continue to be direct.  The additional resources the acquisition provides us will help us to serve you better and faster.

The USRP family of hardware for software radio will continue to be our main product line, and it will continue to be actively developed and improved.  We have several exciting new products we are working on for release later this year.  We are also working on a new “Universal Hardware Driver” or UHD, which will completely encapsulate everything needed to control all of our hardware in a single driver.  This will enable software developers to use USRP hardware without having to worry about the low level details of daughterboard control, kernel drivers, or other factors.  The UHD will be cross-platform, allowing use on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

What does this mean for GNU Radio?

Ettus Research will continue to support and contribute to GNU Radio, and the combination of GNU Radio software and USRP hardware will remain our core focus.  The additional resources that a large company like NI can provide will allow us to focus even more energy on improving the overall capabilities of the system.  Two of the core GNU Radio developers, Matt Ettus and Josh Blum, are employed by Ettus Research.

In the future we will also likely be providing GNU Radio drivers for additional hardware from National Instruments.

What does this mean for LabVIEW?

The Universal Hardware Driver will allow us to produce high-quality, officially supported LabVIEW drivers for all of our hardware.  We hope to have those drivers available in the coming months.

What does this mean for those using Simulink, OSSIE, OpenBTS, SCARI, or other software with their USRP hardware?

Ettus Research is fully committed to enabling the use of USRP hardware with any and every software platform for SDR.  The UHD will ease both the technical and the licensing hurdles which have made this somewhat difficult in the past.  We will be actively seeking input from the key representatives of those communities in order to ensure that the UHD API will fulfill their needs.

Will USRP hardware be sold through National Instruments?

In the short term, no, all sales will continue to be directly through Ettus Research, but in the longer term we may offer some or all products through NI’s worldwide sales network as well.

In summary, we will continue to bring you high quality, low cost devices for software radio systems, to enable you, our users, to create exciting, groundbreaking radio communication systems.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Thank you for your time and your support.

Matt Ettus
President, Ettus Research LLC