1. Harris delivers 100.000th AN/PRC-152 radio: http://www.harris.com/view_pressrelease.asp?act=lookup&pr_id=2801.
    It can do SINCGARS, VHF/UHF AM and FM, HAVE_QUICK, APCO-25, Satellite.
  2. Calit2 have ported the FM3TR waveform from “an existing implementation” (???) to the SDR-4000 in 4 months: http://www.calit2.net/newsroom/release.php?id=1557
  3. List of Waveforms available by/for Spectrum: http://www.spectrumsignal.com/products/waveforms/waveforms.asp
  4. The JTRS “Open IR” project: http://gforge.calit2.net/gf/project/jtrs_open_ir/