Martin DvH is organising an SDR village at the Hacking-at-Random 2009:

Hi All,

There will be a Software Defined Radio Village (Village:SDR) at the
HAR2009 event (13 to 16 august, Netherlands).

Pascal and Martin will bring a couple of USRPs and other equipment.
We will be giving Gnuradio workshops (in several languages, if needed) and do Gnuradio demonstrations. That is, if we can find a spot to do so, because we don’t have a big tent ourselfs.

We hope that more Gnuradio and SDR enthousiasts wil join us there.
We especially hope, someone brings a big tent so we can do our workshops and demonstrations there.

For more information see the links and info below.


Martin Dvh

Village for those that are interested in Software Defined Radio
Morely for those that are interested in the OpenSource SDR platform

We’ll bring a couple of USRP’s and other devices to demonstrate some of the capabilities of GNU-Radio, Like running our own 70cm HAM-band Repeater (although 10M, 2M or 23cm can be done as wel)

Also intending to give some workshops for those that like to do
experiment with SDR.

Joining this village
Martin DVH

VillageSDR Short Description: Software Defined Radio
Contact User:CoolePascal

Workshops Yes, were planning is we find a good spot as wel as a beamer

Activities We’ll mainly demonstrate and promote GNU-Radio soft and
hardware using some nice and hopefully impressive demo’s

The where-abouts
Hacking at Random 2009 is an international technology & security
conference. Four days of technology, ideological debates and hands-on tinkering.

On August 13-16, 2009 the 20th anniversary edition of the four-yearly
Dutch outdoor technology-conference will take place at de Paasheuvel
near Vierhouten in The Netherlands, Europe.