USRP News and Announcements
December 2008

USRP2 Beta Release orders closed

As of today, we are not taking any additional orders for Beta Release
USRP2 systems.  Due to the very high demand, we significantly expanded
our beta release beyond the number of systems originally planned.  We
are currently in the process of gathering feedback from the beta users,
and hope to open up general sales soon.

As all systems have been allocated, we cannot honor any further requests
for beta units.  When ready, we will announce general availability to
everyone via this mailing list, so there is no need to call or send
email to ask whether systems are available, and no need to ask to be put
on a list to be notified.

Orders which have already been submitted will be shipped as soon as
possible.  Many should be out by the end of the year, and the rest will
go out in January.  As always, you may cancel an order at any time
before it is shipped simply by sending an email to sales@ettus.com or
calling +1-650-967-2870.

Thank you to all of our beta customers.  We look forward to hearing more
about your experiences with the USRP2 in the coming weeks.