One indicator of the direction things are going in sdr is the companies involved in the SDR Forum Board of Directors. So after the latest election we have:

  • Vanu (John Chapin)
  • Rohde & Schwarz (Ruediger Leschhorn)
  • US DoD & Motorola (Peter Cook)
  • Harris (Mark Turner)
  • US DHS (John Powell)
  • General Dynamics (Bruce Fette)
  • Xilinx (Manuel Uhm)
  • FCC & SSC (Peter Tenhula)
  • JTRS & IEEE (Bernard Eydt)
  • Tyco (Richard Taylor)
  • Elektrobit (Pekka Heikkinen)
  • SCA Technica (David Murotake)
  • CRC (Claude Belisle)
  • Thales (David Renaudeau)
  • Motorola (Bruce Oberlies)
  • Osaka Uni, Japan (Hiroshi Harada)
  • Hanyang Uni, South Korea (Seungwon Choi)

To sum up, we see a lot of the well-known big players (Harris, Tyco, Thales, Motorola, CRC, etc), we have 3 European players (R&S, Thales & EB), several US Government agencies & contractors and two Asian universities (an effort to open up the market also there?).

The influence of SCA is really strong (JTRS, CRC, Harris&Thales, R&S, SCA Technica). Xilinx could push for the MHAL standard. What is also interesting is the inclusion of some public safety players; will we see the SCA in police radios?