Running make in gr-rds-new now gives me the error: “unable to find gnuradio.i”

From the previous command, I can tell it’s looking for it under /usr/local/include/gnuradio/swig, while it’s actually under /usr/include/gnuradio/swig

Looking at ./src/lib/Makefile, I see that

SWIGCPPPYTHONARGS = -python $(PYTHON_CPPFLAGS) -I$(swigincludedir) -I$(grincludedir)

while from ./Makefile I see that

swigincludedir = $(grincludedir)/swig

grincludedir = $(includedir)/gnuradio

includedir = ${prefix}/include

prefix = /usr/local

Now this last prefix=/usr/local comes from the ./configure file, line 408:

ac_default_prefix = /usr/local

Change that to just /usr, run ./configure && make, and you’re golden…