GnuRadio 3.1.3 is out. Differences from 3.1.2 (released 24.03.2008):

New Signal Processing Blocks

  • Added new block: gr.repeat (Johnathan Corgan) (r8263)
  • Added new block: gr.integrate_XX (Johnathan Corgan) (r8265)
  • Added new block: gr.cpfsk_bc(), continuous phase FSK modulator (Johnathan Corgan) (r8267)
  • Added new block: blks2.stream_to_vector_decimator (Johnathan Corgan) (r9127)
  • Added new block: blks2.logpwrfft_c,f (Johnathan Corgan) (r9128)
  • Added new block: gr.moving_average_XX (Matt Ettus) (r9134)

Other New Functionality

  • Added R1/2, K=7 convolutional encoder and viterbi decoder (Johnathan Corgan) (r8699)
  • Added new daughterboard support for dtt754 and dtt768 (Matt Ettus) (r9131)
  • Added missed gr_clip() from r7389 (Tom Rondeau) (r9141)
  • Added alternative integrate & dump to gr-gpio (Johnathan Corgan) (r9139, r9393)
  • Added CIC compensation filter tap calculator (Johnathan Corgan) (r8262)
  • Added gru.daemonize() for running apps as daemons (Johnathan Corgan) (r8266)
  • Added concurrent peak hold for fftsink2 (Johnathan Corgan) (r8333, r8336)
  • Added FFT sink control panel (Josh Blum) (r8707)
  • Added flowgraph dump method (Johnathan Corgan) (r8704)
  • Added random noise seed to channel model (Eric Blossom) (r8705)
  • Added ‘omni_time’ class to omnithreads (Eric Blossom) (r9107)
  • Added dynamic configuration to gr.costas_loop_cc (Johnathan Corgan) (r9135)
  • Allow odd decimation with halfband disabled (Firas Abbas) (r9136)
  • Added SSE test predicates in gr_cpu (Jason Coy)

Important Bug Fixes

  • Fixed dynamic reconfiguration failure (Johnathan Corgan) (ticket:241, r8332)
  • Fixed gr.top_block start/stop behavior (Eric Blossom) (r9125)
  • Fixed C++ hierarchical blocks (Eric Blossom) (r9130)
  • Fixed gr.repeat() to actually work (Dean Armstrong) (r8706)
  • Updated for GCC 4.3 compatibility (Marek Mahut) (r8340, r8341)
  • Fixed signed/unsigned error in gr_fxpt_nco (Stefan Bruens, Phillip Ballister) (ticket:258) (r9388)
  • Fixed compilation bug (log2) on Win32 (Don Ward) (ticket:243) (r9391)

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed audio module list for Win32 (Bob McGwier) (ticket:71, r8260)
  • Fixed endianness issue with wavefile source/sink (Tim Meehan) (ticket:238, r8261)
  • Fixed gr.arg_max and gr.max_XX issue (Bob McGwier) (r8264)
  • Fixed race condition in fftsink2 (Josh Blum) (r8339)
  • Fixed busy wait in fusb_linux (Eric Blossom) (r8342)
  • Fixed potential invalid read in gr_complex_to_xxx (Dan Halperin) (r8343)
  • Fixed missing initialization in gr-atsc (Dan Halperin) (r8344)
  • Fixed invalid memcpy in gr-atsc (Dan Halperin) (r8345)
  • Fixed PATH modification in sdl.m4 (Don Ward) (r8346)
  • Fixed make check failure (Don Ward) (r8346)
  • Fixed libusrp build in OSX 10.4 (Michael Dickens) (r8700)
  • Fixed channel model functions (Josh Blum) (r8701)
  • Fixed version requirement in gr-howto (Eric Blossom) (r8701)
  • Fixed obsolete import in (Eric Blossom) (r9108)
  • Fixed SDCC configuration error (Eric Blossom) (r9122)
  • Fixed algorithm URL in filterbank code (Bob McGwier) (r9126)
  • Fixed typo in gr_sync_interpolator (Dominik Auras) (ticket:250) (r9129)
  • Fixed flowgraph QA failure (Martin Dvh) (r9386)

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Refactored FFT blocks (Eric Blossom) (r8329)
  • Distribute bootstrap script with tarballs (Eric Blossom) (r8703)
  • Allow use of libtool 2.2 or 1.5. Implements ticket:249. (Don Ward) (r9106)
  • Improved SIMD code profiling output (Eric Blossom ) (r9123)
  • Renamed dot product benchmark (Eric Blossom) (r9124)
  • Updated comment in (Eric Blossom) (r9140)
  • Cleaned up gr_flowgraph code (Johnathan Corgan ) (r9387)