• Download and extract the two packages from http://digilander.libero.it/iz2eeq/#rds
  • configure, make, make check and sudo make install gr-rds-new
  • run rds_scope.pyIn gnuradio 3.1.2 it doesn’t work out of the box. Fixes required:
  1. edit src/lib/gr_rds_data_decoder.h and change static char * to static const char *
  2. edit src/python/qa_rds.py and change gr.flow_graph () to gr.top_block ()
  3. edit rds_scope.py and change blks, stdgui, fftsink and scopesink to version 2
  4. edit rds_scope.py and change import usrp_dbid to from usrpm import usrp_dbid
  5. edit rds_scope.py and change gui_flow_graph to std_top_block
  6. edit rds_scope.py and from blks2.wfm_rcv remove the 1st argument: self
  7. edit rds_scope.py and change the default —audio-output option to plughw:0,0
  8. edit rds_rx.py and change hier_block to hier_block2