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Error Control Coding,Error Correcting Coding,Turbo codes,Error Correcting Codes,FEC,Turbo Codes,Iterative Decoding,DigitalCommunications,Wireless,Satellite,Data,Coded Modulation,Golay,Hamming,BCH,Reed Solomon,Viterbi Decoder,Soft Decision Decoding,Unequal Error Protection,Variable Rate Coding,Adaptive Coding,Iterative decoding,information theory,Parallel concatenated,serial concatenated,product codes,convolutional Codes,LDPC,Low-Density Parity-Check Codes,Coding is not dead
baudline signal analyzer – FFT spectrogram
A time frequency browser designed for spectrum analysis data visualization.
Universität Paderborn Evaluating GNU software radio
Forward Error Correcting Codes
gnuradio experiments
BlueSniff: Eve meets Alice and Bluetooth
BlueSniff: Eve meets Alice and Bluetooth
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