Axcess International announced today that it will be offering a new
active tag to it’s product line up.  This tag, called the “Dot”,
incorporates a SDR (Software Defined Radio) into the tag which allows
users to define any frequency from 125 KHz (LF) to UHF Gen2.  This tag
also sports an I/O port that allows attachment for external memory. 
This is a pretty cool product and with a price tag of $5 it should see
some good market exposure.  With a tag like this a vendor or user could
basically buy these tags and integrate them into their existing RFID
systems without having to replace any current products.  Active tags
allow for more distance and Axcess says their new credit card form
factor card will be able to be read at a distance of 300 feet by any
standard reader operating at the correct frequency. Link here

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