Samsung, NXP Semiconductors and T3G Technologies, today announced the
world’s first TD-SCDMA HSDPA/GSM/GPRS/EDGE multi-mode mobile phone,
which has also been demoed at the PT/Wireless Exposition in Beijing on
October 23rd.

Powered by a software-defined modem capable of
achieving data transfer rates of 2.8Mbps, the Samsung SGH-T578H enables
about 20 times faster transfers than GPRS, allowing consumers to
download several high-quality MP3 files in less than a minute. The
phone is based on the T3G7210 system solution featuring the industry’s
first soft modem empowered by NXP’s Embedded Vector Processor (EVP) to
achieve high data transfer and multi-mode capability.

network deployments have been completed in 10 major cities across China
where there are more than 70 million potential subscribers. Link here and here

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