PrismTech Introduces Spectra 2 & Total Customer Service for Software Defined Radio Developers
New Products, Services & Programs for OEM’s, SIs, and ISVs Set New Benchmarks for Waveform & Platform Development

PrismTech is pleased to announce the release of Spectra 2, a complete package of new products, services, partner programs, and development tools for Software Defined Radio (SDR) OEMs, system integrators and independent software vendors.  Built upon the success of the company’s original Spectra products, Spectra 2 addresses the growth and deployment of SDR by providing the industry with the most comprehensive customer service-focused product line available.

Through Spectra 2, PrismTech provides a ‘total customer service’ package that includes robust waveform and platform developer tools, high performance and low profile operating environments, full compliance support for SDR standards, expert professional services for all phases of SDR development and deployment, and dynamic OEM, SI, and ISV partner programs and customer references.  Spectra 2 solutions support the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) 2.2 and 2.2.2, as well as the OMG’s Software Radio Specification.

Spectra 2 offerings include:

Spectra 2 Power Tools — New levels of productivity for SDR developers in application modeling, code generation, testing, standards compliance and tool integration.  The suite also includes enhanced support for multi-language code generation, operating system support, tool upgrades, Eclipse support, auto-launch, application copyrighting, source code commenting, and literally dozens of productivity, ease-of-use and quality upgrades.

Spectra 2 OE — The industry’s highest-performing and lowest-profile fully SCA-compliant operating environment.  As evidenced by deployment on extremely small form-factor COTS platforms, Spectra 2 OE has the smallest footprint OS/CORBA/CF integration of any SCA implementation.  Furthermore, it offers unrivaled support for GPPs, DSPs and FPGAs, thus delivering the SCA prime objective of enabling complete waveform portability between radio platforms.  Spectra 2 OE is also available with support for OMG Software Radio Specification compliance.

Spectra 2 Professional Services — A range of consulting and development options led by recognized authorities on SDR standards and their implementations.  These services are engaged today on some of the largest SDR programs worldwide to provide deliverables such as compliance guidelines, waveform source code development and porting, technical training and SCA consulting.  Led by two of the original authors of the SCA, and the OMG’s Software Radio Specification, Spectra professional services deliver SDR domain solutions from SDR domain experts.

Spectra 2 Partner Programs — Whether focused on optimizing time-to-market and lowering costs with COTS tools, developing small form-factor platforms, jointly promoting COTS SDRs, educating a reseller channel, or marketing third party SCA components, Spectra 2 partner programs are designed to help radio OEMs take full advantage of the COTS SDR market.

PrismTech will demonstrate the capabilities of Spectra 2 at the upcoming MILCOM 2007 Conference, SDR Forum’s Technical Conference & Product Exposition, and the 2007 Software Defined Radio Europe Conference.

For more information about Spectra 2 including how to evaluate the software and whitepapers, please visit