RFX400 to be discontinued

The RFX400 daughterboard will be discontinued when the current stock
runs out.  We have designed a replacement for it which will
significantly exceed the capabilities of the RFX400 in many ways. 
However, our stock of RFX400s is expected to run out before the new
daughterboards will be available.  Therefore, if any of the following
apply to you:

1 - You will need more RFX400s to match others you currently have and
can not use a board with different characteristics
2 - You will need RFX400-type capabilities within the next 3 months and
cannot wait until late December or possibly early January

Then we suggest you make a "lifetime buy" purchase at this time.  If
your organization's purchasing procedures will cause that to take some
time, please send an email to sales@ettus.com letting us know how many
you will need.

The RFX400 has already been removed from the normal credit card ordering
page.  To purchase it by credit card, please use the following alternate


RFX900 and RFX1800 to be discontinued

We also have plans to replace the RFX900 by mid December, and the
RFX1800 by mid-March, so the same issues as the RFX400 has above also
apply to these boards.  However, we have a somewhat larger stock of
these boards on hand which we believe should last until their
replacements are available.  We have not removed these boards from the
main ordering page yet.

Possible long lead time on RFX2400

Due to an unexpected large purchase of RFX2400s, our stock has run low. 
We expect more to be available in about 6-7 weeks.  In the mean time,
there are still a few left. 

We do have a large quantity of RFX2400s which, by customer request,
(which was subsequently canceled...) were customized to bypass the 2.4
GHz ISM band filter (2 traces were cut).  You might be able to
"unbypass" the filters by soldering across the cut traces, but we cannot
guarantee that.  You also might not need the ISM filter in your
application.  Power output does typically increase about 1-2dB.

If this configuration is acceptable to you, then you can order one of
those by placing an order for a normal RFX2400 and then sending an email
to that effect to sales@ettus.com.